Artifact Set Ranking

Gear RatingName# Req.EffectTier RatingWhere
1Speed212% SPDSDragon Dungeon
2Lifesteal4Heal by 30% DMG dealtSDragon Dungeon
3Relentless418% Chance for extra turnSTournament Rewards
4Perception240 ACC and 5% SPDSArtifact Forge
5Shield430% HP Ally Shield for 3 turnsSFire Knight Dungeon
6Stun418% Chance to StunSFire Knight Dungeon
7Immunity4Debuff Immunity for 2 turnsSFire Knight Dungeon
8Immortal215% HP and Heal 3% each turnSClan Boss Chest
9Savage4Ignore 25% of enemy DEFSFire Knight Dungeon
10Resilience210% DEF and 10% HPSArtifact Forge
11Defense215% DEFSIce Golem Dungeon
12Cruel215% ATK and Ignore 5% enemy DEFSClan Boss Chest
13Accuracy240 ACCADragon Dungeon
14Life215% HPAIce Golem Dungeon
15Reflex430% chance per turn to reduce a cooldownAIce Golem Dungeon
16Critical Damage220% C. DMGAFire Knight Dungeon
17Critical Rate212% C. RATEAIce Golem Dungeon
18Offense215% ATKAIce Golem Dungeon
19Frost420% To Freeze attackerADragon Dungeon
20Stalwart430% AoE damage reductionADragon Dungeon
21Taunting430% To place Provote debuffBIce Golem Dungeon
22Frenzy410% Turn Meter per 5% HP lostBFire Knight Dungeon
23Regeneration410% Heal every turnBFire Knight Dungeon
24Daze425% Chance to place Sleep debuffBDragon Dungeon
25Retaliation425% Chance to Counterattack when hitBIce Golem Dungeon
26Divine Speed212% SPD and 15% HP Self Shield 3 turnsBArena Chest
27Divine Life215% HP and 15% HP Self Shield 3 turnsBArena Chest
28Divine Critical Rate212% Crit Rate and 15% HP Self Shield 3 turnsBArena Chest
29Divine Offense215% ATK and 15% HP Self Shield 3 turnsBArena Chest
30Swift Parry415% SPD - 30% Crit DMG - 50% Unkillable FatalBPlatinum Arena
31Deflection420% HP - 20% DEF - 30% Debuff DeflectBPlatinum Arena
32Avenging430% Chance to Counterattack when hit by a critCDragon Dungeon
33Resistance240 ResistanceCIce Golem Dungeon
34Toxic450 Chance to place 2.5% Poison debuffCDragon Dungeon
35Fury4Damage increases as HP decreasesCFire Knight Dungeon
36Curing410% bonus healingCFire Knight Dungeon
37Cursed450% chance to place 50% Heal ReductionCIce Golem Dungeon
38Destroy4Decreases enemy Max HP by 30% of damage dealtCDragon Dungeon